If I was to sell my shares, I would have sufficient funds for Hajj. Is Hajj Fardh on me?

Selling Shares for Hajj


I have shares which are currently Valued at over £10K.

If I was to sell them I would have sufficient funds for Hajj, Is Hajj fard on me?

Ideally I do not want to sell my shares, as its for long term investment.


Secondly, if Hajj is compulsory on me now, and the share price drops, would Hajj still be compulsory on me?



In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful


If a person has adequate amount of wealth to provide for his family whilst he is carrying out the duty of Hajj and sufficient funds to complete Hajj, it will be compulsory upon him to perform Hajj. Therefore, if you were to sell your shares and you would meet the above mentioned requirements after receiving money from the shares then Hajj will be compulsory on you.


If during the Hajj period the share prices drop and you do not meet the above mentioned requirements then Hajj will not be compulsory on you.


It should be kept in mind that the shares will be valued according to their market value.


And Allah, the Almighty knows best


(Mufti) Sufyan Ibn Yakub

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