Naming a Masjid after the ninety nine names of Allah


Is it permissible to keep the name of a Masjid according to the ninety names of Allâh like Masjid Rahmân?


In the name of Allâh, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,
Allâh, the Almighty mentions in the Qur’ân:
“And the Masâjid are for Allah.” (72:18)
Hence, it is permissible to name a Masjid after the ninety names of Allâh. However, one of the following methods of pronunciation should be adhered to in order to maintain the correct ascription according to the rules of grammar:

  • Masjid-ur-Raĥmân (مسجد الرحمٰن), Masjid-us-Sattâr (مسجد الستّار), Masjid-us-Salâm (مسجد السلام)
  • Masjid-e-Raĥmân (مسجدِ رحمٰن), Masjid-e-Sattâr (مسجدِ ستّار), Masjid-e-Salâm (مسجدِ سلام)
  • Masjid-e-Raĥmâniyah (مسجدِ رحمانيه) , Masjid-e-Sattâriyah (مسجدِ ستّاريه), Masjid-e-Salâmiyah (مسجدِ سلاميه)

In examples 2 and 3, the ’د (d)’ in the word ‘Masjid’, will be read with a Kasrah/Zer beneath it.

  • Raĥmânî Masjid (رحمانی مسجد), Sattârî Masjid (ستّاری مسجد), Salâmî Masjid (سلامی مسجد)


And Allâh, the Almighty knows best,
Mufti Sufyan Ibn Yakub



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