Due to mental torture, can I carry on filling my bra or is breast enlargement surgery permissible?

Is breast enlargement surgery permissible?


I’m a 21 year old female. I have always been extremely skinny and when i hit puberty, i started to get bullied because i remained on the skinny side and didn’t develop a chest. The bullying got so bad I started to fill my bra. I did not realize at the time how this may affect me later but it has gotten to the point where if i do not fill my bra, it is very noticeably different. this problem has emotionally and psychologically scarred me for the longest time. Everyone i know always comments about how I look like a 12 year old kid (even with the fake chest) and it tears me apart. This “fake chest” is the only way I feel my age. I do not want to face being humiliated if i stop filling my bra by my family, relatives and friends and was considering breast enlargement. As i see it right now, my only options are either surgery or continuing filling my bra. Please advise.



Concealment of a woman’s body is essential in Islam. Hence the encouragement to wear loose garments to distract from the bodily shape and form. However, with the aforementioned in mind if filling the bra is something you feel necessary to save yourself from mental torture then so be it. Surgical treatment should be avoided as much as possible.


And Allah, the Almighty knows best

(Mufti) Sufyan Ibn Yakub Khapi

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