The prophet’s journey to Shaam

The prophet was twelve years old when his uncle Abu Taalib intended to visit the land Shaam (current day Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan).  It was customary for the Quraysh who were engaged in trade to visit Shaam once every year.


Abu Taalib had not intended to take his nephew Muhammad, however when the caravan was about to depart upon seeing his nephews sad face he felt compelled to take him.


For very many years a monk named ‘Bahira’ had been engaged in worship in his particular monastery situated at Busra. He possessed very deep knowledge of the Christian faith and was held in much respect by the Christians of that area. At times the trade caravans broke their journey at that place and the members of the caravans visited him to seek blessings.


When the Quraish Caravan stopped in Busra, Bahira`s eyes fell on the nephew of Abu Taalib who attracted his attention. His mysterious and deep look indicated the secret which was hidden in his heart. He stared on for a few moments and then suddenly broke the silence and asked “To whom is this boy related from amongst you?” Some of those present looked towards his uncle. Abu Taalib said, “He is my nephew”. Then Bahira said, “This boy has a brilliant future. He is the same promised Prophet whose universal prophet hood, conquests and rule have been foretold in the Heavenly Books and the signs which I have read in the Books apply to him. He is the same Prophet, about whose name and about the name of whose father and regarding whose family, I have read in the religious books, and I know from where he is to rise and in what manner his religion will spread in the world.


Bahira advised Abu Taalib that he must keep Muhammad hidden from the eyes of the Jews, for, if they learn about him, they will kill him”.
Most of the historians say that the prophet Muhammad did not proceed beyond that place (Busra).

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