History of Al Aqsa Part 7 Prophet Dawood and Sulaiman

History of Al Aqsa


Welcome to a series of talk on the virtues of Masjid Al-Aqsa.


Alhumdulillah we have been talking about the connections of Masjid Al-Aqsa through the prophets and the prophets that are mentioned in the holy Quran so it is a direction connection of Masjid Al-Aqsa and its importance through the holy Quran via the narrations and the incidents regarding the prophets.


Last time we discussed prophets Musa and Ibrahim (May peace be upon them) today inshallah we want to discuss the Dawud and Sulaymaan.


Now after Musa had brought the banu Israeel on the outskirts of Jerusalem he himself could not have the great opportunity and honour of entering the presence of Al Qudds and Masjid Al-Aqsa, Allah took his life and he had made dua to Allah that his soul be taken as close as possible to Masjid Al-Aqsa.


And then the Banu Israeel were delivered on the outskirts of the holy land and they came under the sway of the Palestinians, these are the people who are the residents in Palestine in Masjid Al-Aqsa in and around Al Qudds and bait ul Maqdis.


So this wasn’t a land without people even during the time of Musa there were people living there and after a long time living under the Palestinians they united under the leadership of Talut who’s know as Saul in the bible who marched with them to confront the Palestinians.


Now the bible talks about a child Goliath having a battle with the Palestinians.


The Goliath were on one side with the Palestinians against the Banu Israeel however it was not Saul/Talut who came forward to confront Goliath but it was a young unarmed man of Dawud, and this is a well known story of Dawud that how the mighty Goliath was brought to his knees with a sling and a single stone which struck Dawud.


What is important for us is the fact that Dawud then is made the king of Jerusalem and he is the Prophet of Allah and then he unites the banu Israeel under one leadership and the people as well and Dawud spends almost all of his entire life in and around Palestine and in particularly within the vicinity of Al Qudds and in Masjid Al-Aqsa.


From the period of Ibrahim to Dawud again the building had come into ruins and it was Dawud who starts the rebuilding of Masjid Al-Aqsa in his time and there are many verses in the holy Quran bestowing how Allah favours Dawud.


In Surah Sa’ad it says “with him Allah had subjected the mountains that they join him in celebrating Allah’s glory evening and morning and the birds too in their flocks and turn again and again in celebrating Allah’s glory and Allah strengthened his kingdom” meaning the kingdom of Dawud and endowed him with wisdom and decisive judgement.


What’s amazing here is the holy Quran is referring to the fact that the mountains and the birds use to recite what Dawud did and this land we’re talking about is in and around Jerusalem. So these are the birds and the mountains of Jerusalem that are reciting, Subhanallah the words of Allah.


Again in another verse n Surah Saba it says “we bestowed our favours upon Dawud and oh mountains sing Allah’s praises with him so they did and we softened the iron for him” so Allah favours Dawud immensely and provided him with great abilities and also great respect that not only was he made the king and a prophet subjects respected him and also the land where he was residing and where he was sitting use to recite whenever he remembered Allah, they would also recite whatever he recited and that’s great beauty of something we need to understand the depth of the heritage of the land of Palestine and how important it is for us to respect every grain every sand and every stone of Bait ul Maqdis.


And Dawud is mentioned in the holy Quran was favoured with a melodious voice and the Quran informs us as I mentioned earlier that the hills and the birds they sang and unison in the greatness of Allah and this was none other than in the lands of Palestine.


Again in the holy Quran it says oh Dawud we have appointed you a vice region on Earth therefore rule among people and do not follow your desire least it should lead you away from Allah, Allah’s severe chastisement awaits those who stray away from Allah for they have forgotten the day of reckoning.


Now what comes out is that although for the banu Israeel the importance of Al-Aqsa sanctuary what they call mount moriah really begins in the era of Dawud and we have to respect this because Islamically.


Historically we have respected the fact that the Banu Israeel have a connection to Jerusalem to Bait ul maqdis because of their connection to Prophet Dawud but to us Muslims remember that our heritage goes back to the creation of humanity itself. The creation of the first person on this Earth that is Adam and it simply continues the importance of Jerusalem simply continues through various prophets Ibrahim, Musa and also Dawud.


What is also significant is that historically and ecologically it has been estimated that Dawud reigned for approximately 40 years and this is also referred to many other epidemic papers that he only ruled for 40 years and it is in the heritage of 40 year rule by Dawud that the Banu Israeel are now claiming heritage to this land.


Yet Muslims heritage to this land goes back way beyond that and the fact that we are Prophet Muhammad was the rightful heir of prophethood the final prophet and therefore the ummah that follow the prophet Muhammad and the rightful heir all the prophets and what they did so this is very significant for us the story of Dawud and ofcourse Dawud’s son was Sulayman and he is also of great significance because he was the son of a prophet who was also made a prophet and he also inherited the kingdom of his father.


Now Sulayman continued the building of masjid Al-Aqsa which Dawud could not compete because Dawud had passed away so Sulayman then continues that and Allah also provides great favours to Salaymaan in Surah Ambiyaa it says “and we subdued the strongly raging wind to Salaymaan which blew at his bidding towards the land we blessed we know everything. Again here we know Sulaymaan is the king and the prophet of the region of bait ul Maqdis, Allah subdues the wind according to his command so he can use that and fly around the blessed land, again Allah uses the words “the land we have blessed”.


Agan in surah sa’ad we subjected the wind to him so that it blew gently at his bidding wherever he directed it, it’s amazing that Allah keeps reminding us of the great favours he bestowed upon the prophets and upon this land of bait ul maqdis so that we have some essence some inclination grand nature of bait ul maqdis and of course Allah subjected the jinns to Sulaymaan and he used the jinns profitably and employed the energy towards the building of dams, cauldrons and major cities, there is also here an indication that Sulaymaan used jinns for the reconstruction of Masjid Al-Aqsa and it is very significant for us to understand this because here in the building of Masjid Al-Aqsa not only is it being built by Prophets but the prophets have been given special powers so they’re using it towards the building using the jinns for the construction of the Masjid so masjid Al-Aqsa has added dimension for us that it is being used by Sulaymaan to employ the jinns towards building of the masjid, its tremendous those who have had the opportunity to go there you will notice some of the boulders within the foundation of Al-Aqsa are so huge that your mind boggles as to how any human being could have been able to bring those kind of stones around, remember the masjid and some of the paths of the masjid are so old and it really questions us as to how this happened and Allah tells us that he employed he commanded the jinns to the service of sulaymaan so that he could employ them towards building the masjid and this is very significant and when Sulaymaan completed the building of the masjid he makes a dua to Allah and this is an amazing dua for us to learn so that we can get the benefit and the honour from it.


As I was mentioning Sulayman made a dua and it is narrated in hadeeth in the musnad of Imaam Ahmad on the authority of Abdullah ibn amr bin aas who says the Prophet informed them that when Sulaymaan completed the building of bait ul maqdis he asked Allah for 3 favours of which 2 he was given straight away and we hope that the third favour will have also get accepted by Allah, the first thing that sulaymaan asked that Allah gives him the ability to judge according to the corresponds of Allah so his decision should concur with decision of what Allah would have wished and Allah accepted this prayer the second dua he asked for a kingdom that nobody could be given after him  and this prayer was also accepted by Allah and these are amazing duas that Allah is favouring Sulaymaan and the fact that he buils Masjid Al-Aqsa and he turns to Allah for these duas and then he asks for a third dua and says and this dua is very significant for us he asks Allah that anyone who leaves his home only for the purpose of prayer in this Masjid meaning Masjid of Al-Aqsa all his sins maybe be forgiven so that he’s like as if he’s just born today. Infact he is asking Sulaymaan is asking Allah to cleanse an individual of all his sins whoever prays in Masjid Al-Aqsa and the Prophet Muhammad says that we hope and pray that Allah has granted this dua of his and we also pray that Allah has granted this dua so that we benefit from it and this is an amazing incident from the stories of the prophets that we learn that their bounty, honour and their sacrifices have been rewarded by Allah for this ummah to benefit from it.


So we mention that Dawud after Musa had brought the Bani Israeel confront the Palestians who are in Al-Qudds and the region of bait ul maqdis and then he becomes the king and then he starts the building of Masjid Al-Aqsa that was originally built by Adam then it was rebuilt by Ibrahim and Dawud starts the rebuilding of masjid Al-Aqsa but he couldn’t finish the building in his lifetime he passes away so his son Sulaymaan takes over and was granted both the kingdom and the Prophethood then completes the building of Masjid Al-Aqsa in his lifetime but again what is significant is that allah gives us an extra dimension an extra factor for us tp have great privilege that this was not only completed by human beings but also jinns were employed towards the building of Masjid Al-Aqsa by Sulaymaan .


So for us muslims there is great pride and honour to learn the history of Masjid Al-aqsa that Allah


Through history of humanity that he has allowed Masjid Al-Aqsa to be revived over and over again after the fact that is was destroyed through time through natural cause from Adam to Ibrahim when it decayed and got destroyed he got Ibrahim and his son Ishaaq to rebuild it again when it gets destroyed through time until the coming of Dawud he instructs Dawud to rebuild it and its been completed by Sulaymaan and it is made only for us that these great Prophets are associated with it not indirectly but directly and the fact that Sulaymaan makes dua there and asks that whoever performs prayer therein Allah forgives that individual and he becomes pure as if he was born on that day and we hope that anybody that prays in Masjid Al-Aqsa Allah accepts Sulaymaan’s dua and bestows upon us those fortunate who happen to visit Masjid Al-Aqsa and accept us for visiting Masjid Al-Aqsa and make us pure of sins and cleanse us of all sins that has ever occurred to us.


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