The concept of the body & the soul

When the human body is being formed inside the womb of the mother, the soul is blown in after a duration of 4 months. This soul or spirit as one may call it, is the reason why the body is able to function, once the soul is removed, the body remains merely a corpse. This soul in other words is the cause of life and death.


The way our bodies need nutrition and sustenance to stay healthy, active and on going, the soul is in need of exactly the same things. As for the nutritions of the body, after thorough research and investigation, some items have been outlined and classified as healthy and others have not. When it comes to the nutritions of the soul, then it is beyond mans capability to understand this because the soul is divine, and only the creator who has blown the soul in the body is able to guide us towards the well being of the soul and how to keep it healthy. The soul has come from another dimension, the world of the unseen- unseen to us anyways- and it needs constant connection which could only take place through guidelines from the unseen world.


These were the guidelines Allah sent upon his messengers (peace be upon them), and through these guidelines the prophets would once again reconcile the connection between the soul and the world above the heavens. If this soul is left unattended and unsupervised then it starts becoming attached to this worldly life and to the inhabitants of the earth. For this reason at the time of death, Quran describes two sets of people:


والنازعات غرقا والناشطات نشطا


Those whose souls are extracted ever so gently, and those whose souls are pulled out with force.  But in reality, the souls that are extracted with softness and ease are of those who had kept their relationship steady with the unseen and were always ever eager to return to their homeland. On the other hand, those souls that became engrossed in only worldly pursuits and were heedless in regards to their original destination, the souls find it difficult to leave and has to be pulled out with extreme force.


Recitation of the Quran, remembering Allah, Salaah, fasting, performing the pilgrimage, speaking the truth, honesty, good treatment to others and likewise all those things which have been emphasised on in the Quran and the Hadith, these are all provisions for the soul and will keep its relationship steady right till the end, to such a extent that as each year goes pass, the soul will be more inclined towards returning to where it has come from. When constant effort is made on keeping up the relationship of the soul then all the actions done by a person will be in complete accordance to the teachings of Islam. The ultimate goal for each human being is to have a content heart from all worries and sorrows and lastly to rest assured that the Lord of the worlds is not displeased.


Anas Shaikh


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