The Ruling of Tasmiyah in Every Rak’at (Unit of Prayer)

Bismillāhirraḥmānirraḥīm should be recited at the start of every rak’at (unit of prayer). Many people do not know this ruling that it is sunnah to recite bismillāh[irraḥmānirraḥīm] at the start of every rak’at, i.e. just like in the first rak’at after thanā, a’ūdhubillāh[iminashayṭānirrajīm] and then bismillāh[irraḥmānirraḥīm] is recited. Likewise, even in the second rak’at before reciting sūrah fātiḥa, it is sunnah to recite bismillāh[irraḥmānirraḥīm].


(Bayān at-Tafsīr, pg 56, By Mufti Mahmood Ashraf Usmani (May Allah envelope him with His infinite mercy))


Rendered into English by Mufti Sufyan

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