• Answers in the quraan

    QUESTION: Compare surah 10:3 with surah 41:9-12 of the Quran. There seems to be a contradiction. In 10:3 Allah created earth etc., in six days and in 41:9-12 Allah created it in 2+4+2=8 days. Please clarify?   ANSWER:   In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,   Surah 10, verse 3 states: Surely, …

  • Ask a Mufti Question

    The nature of the Quran & why the Quran has supreme authority for Muslims Muslims believe the Quran is the direct word of Allah. It is divine, heavenly, and authentic & considered to be miracle. The first surahto be revealed was surah ‘alaq. This happened in the cave of hira on the night of power …

  • Answers in the quraan

    I asked: “how can I gain your help oh Allah?” The Quran replied: “seek help through patience and prayer”. (Al-Baqarah: 45)   I said: “I am careless in my Salah”. The Quran replied: “Woe to those performers of Salah, who are neglectful (careless) of their Salah”. (Al-Ma’un: 4, 5)   I said: “I am reckless …

  • Izaat Wala Quraan

    A beautiful heart warming speech by By Shaykhul Hadeeth Hazrat Maulaana Bilaal DB (Bury) about how the Quran elevates individuals. Speech was given at the Darul Uloom Leicester’s Qiraat Jalsa 2013     Transcript In the name of Allah, the Most High, the Most Merciful    Allah says in Quran that the Quran is honoured …

  • Fazaail e Huffaaz urdu talk by Shaykhul Hadeeth Hazrat Maulana Mohammed Ayyub Surti DB on the virtues of memories the holy Quraan.

  • Qurraa ke Mehnet

    Urdu talk by Maulana Qari Siddiq Falahi (Teacher of  Qiraat in Falah e Daarain, tarkeshwar, India), one of the worlds leading Qiraat teachers.