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The nature of the Quran & why the Quran has supreme authority for Muslims

  • Muslims believe the Quran is the direct word of Allah.
  • It is divine, heavenly, and authentic & considered to be miracle.
  • The first surahto be revealed was surah ‘alaq. This happened in the cave of hira on the night of power (laylatul qadr) through the angel jibrail (a.s).
  • The entire quran was revealed over a period of 23 years.
  • The prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) would dictate the verses to his scribes & tell them where to write each verse & where to place them.
  • Many of the companions also memorised the quran.
  • The quran is split into 114 surahs (chapters), 30 ajza (parts). Each surah has ayat (verses).
  • All chapters begin with bismillah except surah taubah.
  • It was compiled into book form during the time of abu bakr (r.a) after a number of huffaz were martyred. This responsibility was given to zaid ibn thabit (r.a).
  • The copy was kept with hafsa (r.a), the daughter of umar (r.a).
  • During the time of uthman (r.a), differences arose in its recitation. He asked for 7 copies to be made in the dialect of the quraish from the original that was kept with hafsa (r.a), & had them distributed in different regions. All other copies were to be disregarded.


The quran has supreme authority for the Muslims because:

  • They believe it contains the exact words of Allah.
  • It was brought to people through the final prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) as a message to all of mankind.
  • It was recited exactly by the prophet & recorded immediately & accurately by his companions.
  • It has never been changed, so they are sure their knowledge is correct.
  • It’s a miracle from Allah because Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) didn’t know how to read & write.
  • It shows them how to follow the straight path.
  • It inspires them to struggle in the cause of Allah.
  • It makes clear to them their obligations & duties towards Allah.
  • It enables them to practice their religion properly & to be guided.
  • It encourages them through the examples of faithful believers.
  • It develops love for Allah.


Respect for the quran

  • Muslims show respect for the quran by performing wudhu before touching it.
  • Keeping it on a high place.
  • Trying to follow & practice upon what it says.
  • Reading it every day.
  • Avoid eating & drinking whilst reading.
  • Handle it with respect.


Importance of revelation of holy quran to Prophet Muhammad

  • Revealed on the night of power in the cave of hira on the mountain of light jabal an-nur.
  • It was the time when the first words of the quran were revealed.
  • He became the final chosen messenger because he received this message from Allah.
  • It proves that the quran is the word of Allah.
  • It was the beginning of many such revelations which continued for a period of 23 years.
  • Quran is regarded as a great miracle.
  • It restored the original message sent to previous prophets & clarified the errors of previous nations.
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