Zakāt on money owed as auction fee for buying house

Zakat on Money owed as auction fee for buying house


I have agreed to purchase a house through an auction. As part of the contract I owe the auctioneers a fee of 10000. I have paid 5000 initially and will have to pay the other 5000 after the completion of the sale in a couple of months. My question is is zakaat due on the 5000 that I have kept which I will pay on completion.


In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,


If the sale is not completed for whatever reason, would you still be liable to pay that 5000? If so, then the amount owed by you will be considered as a shar’ī debt of which the amount owed in the forthcoming lunar year may be deducted for zakāt purposes. However, if you would not be liable to pay it, then zakāt will be due on such an amount provided that other conditions that make zakāt compulsory are fulfilled.


And Allah, the Almighty, knows best


Mufti Sufyan


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