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If a Muslim person has obtained/given the title ‘Lord’ by merit. Can we use that title with his name?



In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,


‘Lord’ is an English word that has many meanings. It is not exclusively used for ‘God’.


In explaining the various meanings of ‘Lord’, it is stated in the Oxford Dictionary:


“1.1 Lord (in the UK) a title given formally to a baron, and less formally to a marquess, earl, or viscount (prefixed to a family or territorial name).

‘Lord Derby’


1.2 The Lords (in the UK) the House of Lords, or its members collectively.


1.3 Lord (in the UK) a courtesy title given to a younger son of a duke or marquess (prefixed to a Christian name).


‘Lord John Russell’


1.4 Used in compound titles of other people of authority.


‘Lord High Executioner’


1.5 Historical: A feudal superior, especially the owner of a manor house.


1.6 A master or ruler.


‘Our lord the king’


1.7 Lord: A name for God or Christ.


‘Give thanks to the Lord’ ”


(Oxford Dictionary)[1]


As such, if a Muslim has been given the title ‘Lord’ by merit, this title can be used with his name as long as the meaning of “God” is not intended.


And Allah, the Almighty, knows best


Mufti Sufyan







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