Q&A – Do I need to wash clothes 3 times to purify them?

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I have a lot of old clothes like shirts and pants that I would like to donate to poor and needy people. I am pretty sure that some of the clothes are not in a pure state to perform salat in (i.e. might have drops of urine on them). I have heard that to purify an impure cloth we need to wash it 3 times. But it is very difficult to wash so many shirts and pants 3 times. So my question is do I need to wash them 3 times or does the responsibility of purifying a received cloth fall upon the receiver. I might donate the clothes directly to a person or I might give them to a charity organization. If I donate the clothes without purifying them and the receiver then performs salat in them, am I going to be a sinner? Please let me know urgently because there are many needy people in my area but I have been postponing the donation due to this confusion.
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You should wash the clothes in a washing machine once. This will suffice and they will be deemed pure and proper to donate. May Allah Ta-ala reward you for your virtuous intentions. Aameen.



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