Halima Sa`diyah


Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was breastfed by his mother Aminah for the first few days after his birth. After that Thuwayba who was the freed slave of Abu Lahab breast fed the prophet. Thuwayba was freed by Abu Lahab after she had given him the good news of the prophets birth. Thuwayba nursed our Prophet along with her son, Masruh. Thuwayba also nursed Abu Salama and Hamza, who was an uncle of our Prophet.


When Abu Lahab died, one of his family saw him (in a dream) in a bad condition. He said to him: What happened to you? Abu Lahab said: Nothing good happened to me after I left you except that I was given to drink of this for freeing Thuwayba.


After a short while according to the famous Arabian tradition, a nurse was chosen to breastfeed and take care of the prophet outside the city. There were a number of reasons for this tradition: First, children would grow stronger and healthier in the desert. Second, since those who lived in deserts had far less communication with foreign people, children could learn the Arabic language purely and without foreign accents. Third, children would be protected from deadly diseases that prevailed within the cities.


Halima Sa`diyah


A short while after the birth of the prophet, the nurses of Banu S`ad tribe came to Mecca to search for a child to nourish and breastfeed. The ladies of Banu S`ad preferred not to take a child whose father had passed away. Eventually Halima decided to take the prophet into her care with the hope that Allah will place blessings in this choice.


Halima explains that with the entrance of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), blessings showered her life in such a way that they had never experienced before. Halima`s camel that was weak and slow, all of a sudden became strong and active. Halima`s tribe even asked her that is it the same camel as before.  Although drought had spread throughout the deserts and cities, Halimah’s sheep were healthy and full of milk. Their shriveled trees prospered and grew back green leaves.  The camels regained their milk.


After two years Halima took the prophet back to his mother Amina. Halima requested that she be given permission to keep the prophet a little while longer. Halima knew that this child that has been with her for the last few years was no ordinary child. she realised that this child is precious and becuase of his blessings she was also getting blessed. Upon Halima`s request the prophets mother granted her request.

It is reported that after the prophet received prophethood Halima and her husband came to the prophet (peace be upon him) and accepted Islam.


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