Birth of the Prophet

Every chapter of the lives of great men is worthy of study and scrutiny, and what greater man can there be than the Beloved of Allah, Muhammad Bin Abdullah.


Many great events took place prior to the birth of the beloved final messenger of Allah, Muhammad the son of Abdullah. The prophet was born fifty or fifty five days after the incident in which Abraha tried to demolish the Ka`bah with his great army consisting of elephants.


The precise date of the birth of Muhammad is disputed among the historians and scholars. Ibn Jowzi states that the scholars consensus is that the prophet was born in the Islamic month of Rabi’ al-Awwal (570 A.D). A lot of people are under the impression that the prophet was born on the 12th of Rabi` al-Awwal, but according to majority of the scholars the exact date of birth is unknown.


Fatima Bint Abdullah states that, “I was with Aminah at the time of the prophets birth and it felt like the whole room had been filled with light.” (فتح الباري  )


Irbaadh Ibn Saariyah who is a famous companion of the prophet narrates that at the time of the prophet’s birth, his mother saw a great light which caused the palaces of Shaam to light up.  (مسند أحمد و مستدرك حاكم)


Ka`b bin Ahbaar who was a great scholar of the Bani Israeel states that in the previous scriptures it was stated that, “Muhammad will be born in Makkah, he will migrate to Madeenah and his rule will extend to Shaam.” (تهزيبالتهزيب )


Ulamaa have stated that the reason behind seeing light (noor) at the time of the prophet`s birth is to signify that the world is going to be filled with light and guidance due to this birth, and the reason why the palaces of Shaam were shown is because during the life time of the prophet, Islaam will spread to Shaam.


The area of Shaam holds great importance in Islaam, Allah states in the Quraan that it is a blessed land. Many prophets have stayed in this land and closer to Qiyamah, Esa (peace be upon him) will also descend to Shaam.


On the night of the birth of the Messenger of Allah, the palace of Kisra (the King of the Persians) shook and fourteen balconies fell from it. This was a sign that the Rule of the Persians was coming to an end and a new light was going to spread over Persia, the light of Islaam.


The Persians had a great fire that had been burning for one thousand years. When the prophet Muhammad was born, this fire was extinguished.


The lake of Sa’wah was a lake so vast that ships used to sail in it. It dried up when the Prophet was born.


Hazrat Abbas (Allah be pleased with him) states; the prophet was born Makhtun (circumcised) and Masrur (his umbilical cord was cut off). Ishaaq ibn Abdullah further states that the prophet was born clean; there was no dirt or impurity on his body. ( زرقاني)


When the good news reached Abdul-Mutallib, he was overjoyed by the news and he said, ‘By Allah, verily for this son of mine there is an important matter’.


Naming the Prophet

Abdul Muttalib was asleep in the Kaa’ba. He had a strange dream. He saw a tree growing until it reached the sky. The tree had branches that spread to the East and the West. It appeared that a very bright light was shining on the tree. Abdul Muttalib saw the Arabs and the non-Arabs bow to the tree. The tree continued growing larger, higher, and brighter. Then he saw some people from Quraysh holding to the branches of the tree, while other Qurayshis tried to chop down the tree. A very handsome youth stopped them from chopping down the tree. Abdul Muttalib saw himself put his hand out to grab the tree, but he could not reach it. He woke up from his sleep frightened. Abdul Muttalib sat thinking of the dream and its meaning. After getting it interpreted he was informed that a child will be born in his family whom people from the East and the West will praise and follow. Upon hearing this, Abdul Muttalib decided to name the prophet Muhammad (the praised one)


The prophet’s mother also had a dream in which she was instructed to name her child Muhammad.

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