Abdul Mutalib (The prophets Grandfather)

Abdul Mutalib was the Grandfather of our beloved prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). His mother’s name was Salma and his father was Haashim.


Abdul Mutalib was very young when his father Haashim died. When Haashim was about to die, he told his brother Mutalib, “Go to Madinah and bring my son Shibah to Makkah.”


Mutalib went to Madinah and brought his nephew Shibah back to Makkah with him. When the people saw the young Shibah with his uncle, they thought he was his slave, and called him Abdul Mutalib, which means slave of Mutalib. Although Mutalib tried to explain that the boy was his nephew, the name stuck, and from that time onwards, Shibah was always known as Abdul Mutalib.[1]


The well of Zam Zam

The well of Zam Zam had existed since the time of Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him). It was a sign of Allah’s Mercy to Prophet Ibrahim’s wife Hajra and son Prophet Ismail (Peace be upon them).After the Prophet Ismail, the tribe of Jarham settled around the well of Zam Zam and used its water for their needs. The tribe of Jarham originally came from Yemen, but they had settled in Makkah. The people of Jarham did not take care of the well of Zam Zam and it eventually dried up.


By the time Abdul Mutalib was born, people only knew that the well of Zam Zam existed, but nobody knew where it was anymore.


One day Abdul Mutalib received instructions in a dream to dig up Zam Zam and was given some signs as to where it was. He took his eldest son Haarith, and after digging for a few days, they managed to find the entrance of the well. Abdul Mutalib was very pleased and made arrangements for the pilgrims to have access to the well of Zam Zam. The well of Zam Zam is still providing water to pilgrims till this date.


After the birth of the prophet, the prophet stayed with Halima in the desert for a few years as was the custom of that time. Halima regarded him as very special, as ever since he had come under her care, she was showered with the blessings of Allah. After a few years Halima returned the prophet to his mother Aminah.


After the prophet was returned to Amina she decided to go to Madinah to visit the grave of her husband Abdullah and also visit some relatives. On her way back from Madinah Amina fell ill and passed away at a place called Abwa.


The prophet had now lost both his parents so his grandfather Abdul Mutalib took him under his care. The prophet was very dear to his grandfather as he reminded him of his late son Abdullah.


The prophet stayed with his grandfather for 2 years and when the prophet was 8 years old his grandfather also passed away. According to different narrations Abdul Mutalib`s age at the time of his death was either 82, 85, 95 or 110.


Before his death, Abdul Mutalib made his son Abu Taalib responsible for taking care of the young Muhammad. This was a duty, which Abu Taalib carried out fully for the rest of his life. There were many reasons why Abdul Mutalib chose Abu Taalib as the guardian of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him); Abu Taalib and Abdullah were born of the same mother and also he was well known for his generous nature.


The loss of Abdul Mutalib made the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) very sad, and when the burial was taking place he kept weeping up to the very edge of the grave. Umm Ayman mentions that when the body of Abdul Mutalib was being taken to the graveyard she saw the prophet walking behind the body crying.


The prophet (Peace be upon him) never forgot Abdul Mutalib throughout his life.

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