The Role of a Mosque

Role of a mosque

It is of paramount importance to understand the true role of a Mosque in society. Many have a misconception and a very narrow understanding regarding a Mosque, and assume that it is merely a place of five time daily prayers and a place that provides Islamic education for the youth.


The Qur’ān explains the Mosque as primarily a place of remembering Allah (al-Hajj:40). Furthermore, it explains that the objective of a Mosque is to promote piety and purify Muslims both physically and spiritually (at-Tawbah:105-107).


Prophetic narrations state that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ would go to the Mosque to offer prayers when returning from a journey and described it as the most favourite place in the eyes of Allah. He also indicated towards the virtue of teaching and learning in a Mosque. In the Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ time, the Mosque was the centre of administrative, organisational and public activities. Furthermore, it was a home to Prophet Muhammadﷺ ’s homeless companions along with being an institute of regular studies in the Islamic sciences for some companions. It is no coincidence that upon reaching Madinah, the Prophet ﷺ immediately had a Mosque built. (Niazi, 19:1979)


In the Prophet Muhammadﷺ’s time, the Mosque was also used for various other things, such as for consultation on important matters, providing financial assistance and conducting wedding sermons. Furthermore, the companions were so charitable that the sustainability of the Mosque was no problem. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ would regularly give sermons, advice and reminders at the Mosque. (Niazi, 20:1979) (Niazi, 25:1979)


The Mosque was from amongst the most pivotal means for the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to build a model society. That is why the Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ became the hub of his community that catered for the spiritual, educational and social needs. (Ad-Darsh, Hasan, Cheema, & Islam, 1990)(Qureshi, 1990)



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Image: Jameah Masjid, Leicester by @huzfuz


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