The Purification Bath – Ghusl

The Purification Bath

Compulsory Bath (Fard Ghusl)

Ghusl becomes compulsory when one of the following occur

  1. Emission of sperm
  2. Sexual Intercourse (even without ejaculation of sperm)
  3. Ending of menstruation or postnasal bleed




Recommended Bath – (Nafl Ghusl)

Ghusl is recommended in the below scenarios:

  1. On Friday (Before Jumu’ah prayer)
  2. The Two Eid’s
  3. Before entering into the state ihram
  4. The day ‘Arafah
  5. Entering into Makkah
  6. Entering into Madinah
  7. Visiting the Prophet Grave


Compulsory (fard) Acts of Ghusl

The following are the compulsory (fard) actions of  ghusl

  1. Rinsing the mouth at least once
  2. Rinsing the nose up to the bone once
  3. Washing the entire body once


Sunnah Acts of Ghusl

The following are the sunnah acts of ghusl

  1. Intention (niyah)
  2. Washing the hands up to the wrist
  3. Washing the private parts
  4. Washing of any filth off the body
  5. Perfuming wudu
  6. Pouring water over the entire body starting with the head, right shoulder and then the left
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