Army Of Elephants

Army Of Elephants

In the year that our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) was born, a great incident took place that has been engraved in the pages of history ever since. This great incident occurred about fifty or fifty five days prior to the birth of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him), and has been mentioned in the Quraan.


Abraha was the governor of Yemen on behalf of the king of Ethiopia. Abraha decided to build a beautiful house similar to the Ka`bah in Sana which was the capital of Yemen. He wanted people to come to Sana to perform pilgrimage instead of Makkah. Furthermore, he wanted to divert the trade and business from Makkah to Yemen so that his city can flourish and become wealthy.


When the Arabs found out that a house (church) has been built to compete with the Ka`bah, a man from the Quraish tribe of Makkah came there and relieved himself (stools and urine) in it, soiled its walls and went away. According to some narrations some Arab youngsters lit a fire close to the church which spread and burnt the church down. When Abraha found out what has been done to his beautiful church, he was enraged and decided to raise an army to invade Makkah and demolish the Kab`ah.


Abraha left Yemen with his great army which also consisted of eight elephants until he reached the vicinity of Makkah. The Elephants were given to Abraha by the king of Ethiopia; the biggest elephant was named Mahmood. The great army camped in a place and stole about two hundred camels that belonged to the prophets grandfather Abdul Mutalib. When Abdul Mutalib was informed about what has happened to his camels, he and a few of the leaders of Quraish decided to go and negotiate with Abraha for the release of their livestock. When Abraha saw Abdul Mutalib approaching, he descended from his throne as a show of respect. When Abraha was asked about the release of the camels he was shocked as Abdul Mutalib didn’t ask about the attack on the Ka`bah. Abdul Mutalib told Abraha:


  أنا ربالإبل وللبيت رب سيمنعه

I am the owner of the camels so i asked you about them, the Ka`bah is Allahs and he will look after it.


Abraha ordered the camels to be returned to the Prophets grandfather who then returned to Makkah. On reaching Makkah, Abdul Mutalib and a few individuals went to the Ka`bah and supplicated to Allah to protect it from this great army. After they had finished their supplication Abdul Mutalib took refuge in the mountains as they had conviction that the punishment of Allah was going to befall on the army of abraha.


The army of Abraha started its assault towards Makkah when suddenly it was overtaken by flocks of birds, flocks after flocks, air-raiding the army with small stones .There never fell a stone on a soldier except it dissolved his flesh and burst it into pieces which resulted in them perishing with a total destruction. Abraha fled away while his flesh was bursting into pieces until he died on the way back to Yemen. Such was the victory bestowed by Allah the All-Majestic, All-Powerful to the people of Makkah and such was the protection provided by Him for His House.


This great event took place in the month of Muharam about fifty or fifty five days prior to the birth of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). After Allah had destroyed this great army, the Arabs started having great respect for the tribe of Quraish as they believed that Allah accepted their supplication and destroyed Abraha on their behalf.


Prior to the prophet’s birth many supernatural events occurred which were intended to prepare the world for the great event that was going to take place, the birth of the best of all mankind Muhammad (Peace be upon him).


تفسير سورة الفيل




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