When two scholars differ in an opinion, which one should one follow?


What should one do when two scholars who both graduated from the same Darul Uloom have a significant difference of opinion?
There is, for example, one scholar who delivered a detailed lecture backed up with much evidence, more or less stating that getting involved in anything to do with Christmas was opening the doors of Shirk.
However another scholar who graduated from the same Darul Uloom feels that it is permissible to say Merry Christmas and even publicly said Merry Christmas to non-Muslims himself.
These two scholars are both senior ulema in my city.
So what should one do in this aqeedah issue? Should one follow the scholar who one feels more comfortable in following? Or should one follow what his heart says is correct?


In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,


One of the great qualities of our pious predecessors was that they used to exercise precaution as much as possible. Furthermore, It is always best to leave what leads to doubt in its permissibility for what creates no doubt for you at all.


And Allah, the Almighty knows best,


Mufti Sufyan Ibn Yakub

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