Do we give zakat on the rental of a property?

Zakaat on rent


Do we give zakat on the rental of a property? (My dad has a property he owns in Pakistan and he is getting some rent from it)?



An asset that is purchased with the intention of retaining ownership, is not subject to Zakat, rather any profit gained from the rental income received is fully subject to Zakat. Therefore in your fathers case, when he gains his rental income from the property, then if it stays in his ownership to the value of the Zakat-payable amount (nisab) (whether alone or jointly with other wealth in the form of gold, silver, cash, merchandise, or livestock) for a whole year, then Zakat will be obligatory upon him on the rental money attained (or jointly with the other wealth if they are also present in his possession). It should be kept in mind that in this case Zakat will not be given of the rental property, rather the money attained from the rent.


And Allah The Almighty knows best

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