The occurrence of the hour

Bab Lud

Nawwaas bin Samaan says that the messenger of Allah mentioned Dajjal one morning, so he lowered therein and raised to the extent that we perceived him in a cluster of trees. He either lowered or raised his voice to put emphasis on certain things, or he spoke for a long time and became tired thus lowering his voice at times and raising it at times. Another valid explanation of this is that he raised the status of Dajjal in the sense that Allah has given him certain powers that he has not given to anyone else. Giving life to the dead and causing the sky to send down rain for example, and he lowered his status in the sense that his death will be by the mere glance of the prophet Esa. Madina was a fertile land full of palm trees and gardens. Perceiving Dajjal in a cluster of trees is an expression they used to show the closeness and presence of Dajjal. When we returned to him in the evening he recognised this in us.


So he said: “what’s the matter?”


We said: “Messenger of allah! You mentioned Dajjal in the morning and you lowered therein and raised to the extent that we perceived him in a cluster of trees.”


He said: “Something other than Dajjal is more worrying to me about you. If he emerges and I am amongst you then I am a protector on your behalf. And if he emerges and I am not amongst you, then a person is his own protector. And Allah is my successor over every Muslim.


He is a young man of short curly hair. His eye is extinguished. It is as if I could resemble him to abdul Uzza bin Qatan. So whoever comes across him from you he should recite the opening verses of the chapter of Kahf to him. He will surely emerge from a path between Shaam (a region north of Saudi Arabia) and Iraq. He will cause havoc to the right and he will cause havoc to the left. Servants of allah! Stay steadfast.”


We said: “Messenger of allah! What will be his period on land?”


He said: “40 days. One day like a year. One day like a month. One day like a week and the rest of his days will be like your days.”


We said: “messenger of allah! So that day which will be like a year, will a days Salaah also suffice us therein?”


He said: “No. Estimate within it appropriately.”


That day will be equivalent to a year so the messenger of Allah replies to their question by telling them to estimate the Salaah times rather than going by the sun.


We said: “what will be his haste in the land?”


He said: “like abundant rain.” Wind follows it. So he will come to the people and call them. So they will believe him and answer him. He will command the sky so it shall rain and the earth so it shall cause to grow. So their grazing animals will return to them in the evening with taller humps than before, more abundant udders and wider hips.


Then he will come to the people and call them, so they will reject his call. So he will turn away from them, so they will become white-haired. They will have nothing from their wealth. Dajjal will take it.


And he will pass by ruins, and say to it: “give forth your treasures. So it’s Treasures will follow him like male bees.


Then he will call a young man full of youth, and strike him with a sword thus cutting him into two pieces striking him with intent. Then he will call him, so he will come and his face will beam and he will smile.


While he will be upon this state Allah will send the Messiah, son of Maryam. So he will descend by the white eastern minaret of Damascus shrouded between two pieces of yellow cloth placing his hands upon the wings of two angels. When he lowers his head it drips, and when he raises it, droplets of silver flow from it like pearls. It will not be possible for a non-believer who senses the air of his breath except that he dies. And his breath will reach where his sight reaches. So he will seek Dajjal until he finds him by the door of Ludd. So he will kill him. Then a people will come to Esa bin Maryam whom Allah had protected from him and he will wipe their faces and will tell them of their statuses in paradise.


So while he will be upon this state Allah will inform Esa: “Indeed I have brought out a people of mine, nobody has the strength to fight them, so lead them for shelter at (mount) Toor”. And Allah will send Yajooj and Majooj and they will be hastening from every elevation. The front part of their group will reach Lake Tyberius and drink whatever is in it and the last part of their group will pass and say: “There was once water here.”


And they will surround the prophet of Allah, Esa and his people. They (Yajooj and Majooj) will be at a stage where the head of an ox will be better to one of them than a hundred Dinars is to one of you today. They would have drank all the water in the land and eaten almost everything edible. With no food to be found anywhere even the most insignificant thing, like the head of an ox, will become very precious to them. So the prophet of Allah, Esa and his people will supplicate. So Allah will send upon them insects in their necks so they will all become lifeless like the death of a single being. They will all drop dead in a single instance simultaneously. Their collective death will be no different to the death of a single person. Then the prophet of Allah, Esa and his people will descend upon the land and they won’t find a hand span of space in the land except their rotting and stench would have filled it. So the prophet of Allah, Esa and his people will supplicate to Allah,so Allah will send birds like the necks of Bukhti camels. Bukhti camels are known to have long necks so these birds have been resembled to them. They may be vultures. So they will carry them and throw them wherever Allah wills. Then Allah will send rain. No house of mud or fur will be hidden from it. No permanent or temporary structure will be free from this rain. It will cover the entire earth. It will wash the land to the extent that it will leave it like a pool.


Then it will be said to the land: “Grow your fruits and return your blessings.” So on that day a group will eat from one pomegranate and take shade in its peel. Milk will be blessed to the extent that a milk giving camel will suffice a large group of people. And a milk giving cow will suffice a group of people. And a milk giving goat will suffice a small group of people.


While they will be upon this state, Allah will send a pleasant breeze. It will afflict them under their armpits. Which will cause the soul of every believer and Muslim to be taken, and the evil people will remain. They will cause havoc therein like the havoc causing donkeys. And upon them the hour shall occur.


Bukhari: 7363











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