The Eloquent speech of Aisha (May Allah Be Pleased With Her)

Aisha R.A

Aisha the wife of the prophet said:


The wives of the prophet sent Fatima the daughter of the messenger of Allah to the messenger of Allah. She sought permission to enter while he was lying with me in my garment. He gave her permission.


She said: “messenger of Allah! Your wives have sent me to you. They are asking you for equality regarding the daughter of Abu Quhafa. And I am silent (in this matter).”


The equality being asked for is not in love, time or wealth. It is not an injustice on the part of the messenger but something else altogether as Aisha herself explains. She says “that the people would intend to send their gifts on Aisha’s day (with the prophet) thereby seeking the pleasure of the messenger of Allah.” (1) Then the messenger would share the gifts and have them sent to his wives from the house of Aisha.


She (Aisha) said: the messenger of Allah said to her: “oh my dear daughter! Do you not love what I love?” So she said: “of course.” He said: “so love this one.”

She (Aisha) said: So Fatima stood up when she heard that from the messenger of Allah and she returned to the wives of the prophet. She informed them about what she said and about what the messenger of Allah said to her. So they said to her: “we do not see that you have benefitted us in any way. So return to the messenger of Allah and say to him: Verily your wives plead for equality in the daughter of Abu Quhafa. Abu Quhafa was more famously known as Abu Bakr and Aisha, the wife of the messenger, was his daughter” Fatima said: “By Allah! I will not talk to him regarding that ever.”


She (Aisha) said: the wives of the prophet sent Zainab bint Jahsh the wife of the prophet, and she was the one from among them who would vie for superiority with me in status by the messenger of Allah. And I have never seen a woman better than Zainab in religion. And more fearing of Allah. And more truthful of speech. And more joining of family ties. And more greater in giving charity. And more extreme in exerting herself in those actions which are optional and the closeness of Allah is gained therein. Except a rage of anger which was in her. A Return (to her original state) would be quick.


She (Aisha) said: she sought permission to enter upon the messenger of Allah while the messenger of Allah was with Aisha, in her garment, upon the state in which Fatima entered upon him while he was with her. So the messenger of Allah granted her permission. So she said: “messenger of Allah! Verily your wives have sent me to you asking you for equality in the daughter of Abu Quhafa.”


She (Aisha) said: then she fell upon me (verbally) and became presumptuous toward me while I was watching the messenger of Allah and watching his glance. Will he give me permission to retaliate against her (in defence)?


She (Aisha) said: Zainab went on until I realized that the messenger of Allah dose not hate that I take revenge. She (Aisha) said: so when I fell upon her (verbally) I did not hesitate to the extent that I overcame her.


She (Aisha) said: So the messenger of Allah said and smiled: “verily she is the daughter of Abu Bakr.” (2) Abu Bakr was a man of eloquent speech and this similarity is being highlighted by the messenger.


(1) Muslim: 6285

(2) Muslim: 6286



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