Three Essentials for success in this world and the hereafter.

At a time during which we are constantly occupied and engulfed in the upkeep of our homes families and lavish lifestyles we constantly forget to pay heed to the obligations upon as servants of the Almighty Allah sabhanahu wa ta’ala.


It may come across as rude or disrespectful but it is a reality which we must accept and work to correct. Success in this world is sought, which is logical to most. A successful individual is considered as one who has great amounts of money, a mansion and a brand new car which is requires an immense amount of investment. Now, I’m not bashing anybody who has worked hard to be in this position but rather trying to put into perspective what has been achieved. I respect any individual who is in a position to have a huge house and a nice vehicle as toil and hard work is to be rewarded. But honestly, are all people in this position happy? Content? At peace?


True happiness is found in contemplating the being that placed an individual in this position. I state this as nothing but a fact! We have seen many a time that people with wealth are continuously stating that they need peace in their lives, not to say a poor man doesn’t, but success in Islam is gauged by ones contentment in their religion, in their way of life.


This piece is titled Three Essentials… Three Essentials for what? I hear u ask.


Three Essentials for success in this world and the hereafter. For those seeking peace, for those seeking ease and comfort, for those seeking a higher power in the Almighty creator.


Please read the following with an open heart and mind, never deem any point of Deen to be meagre, rather magnify it solely for its relation with the Almighty and his messenger.


The first essential is Salaah (prayer). The first verse of the twenty first chapter of the Quran gives glad tidings to those who perform prayer with total devotion, concentration and attention that they will find ease in abstaining from sin. Those acts which will be categorised as disobedience of the Almighty are left while that which pleases him is completed with relative ease.


Thus, taking the above into account we must become frequenters of the most beloved places to Allah i.e. The masajid. Places of worship must be visited five times a day to perform prayer in congregation. This is something we as Muslims lack in very much. From the old to the young, from the rich to the poor.


The second essential for us is the remembrance of the Almighty in all we do, via singing his praises or by speaking about him, even better yet if we recite from his speech. Dhikr (remembrance) of the Almighty can be done at any time while perpetrating any action. Even if we’re at work or exercising. We must become aware of our creator and understand his favours on us which is why we praise him immensely whilst seeking forgiveness from him regularly.


Everyday we must recite Quran be it a few verses with consistency, as well as seeking forgiveness and praising him in all our actions.


Finally, the third essential is supplicating to Allah at least five minutes every single day without fail. Ultimately it is Allah who provides us with all the blessings that we have had showered on us since the moment we have come into this world. The companions of the messenger would ask of Allah even for their shoelace. It is up to us to turn to Allah who in Surah Baqarah has said:


‘when my servant asks of Me let it be known I am close’


What more do we require? Let’s become subservient and ask at every juncture in our short blessed lives.


Adorning ourselves with these three basic essentials will lighten our load, widen our smiles and take us all the way to the doors of paradise.


We ask of the Almighty to assist us in our endeavours in becoming his loyal servants.


To him is our return.


Mohammed Atiq Nanabawa



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