I’m fasting. It’s time to eat and I have had no food or water for over 20 hours. I’m eating, filling myself, but I do not feel satisfied. I feel bad for eating because I know that in Palestine, people are starving. While I eat they see blood, bombings, loved ones being taken away to the most atrocious conditions on the planet. My ribs are aching with pain as I weep for them. I keep crying and my tears won’t run out. I’ve never felt like this before.


I don’t know these innocent people personally, yet I share some of their pain. I keep getting flashbacks – mental images of what is going on in Palestine. The News shows little to nothing about their plight. Why do they keep silent when atrocities are committed against innocent civilians? Why do the world’s biggest institutions say nothing? Do they somehow profit from these horrors? And why does Israel’s leadership and military do these terrible things? Do they want to see more illegal settlements? Do want to wipe out the whole nation? What image do they want to portray to the world and to their own people?


I pray that some humanity remains, during and after this conflict, that it would spring up in the midst of it. Why is the West condoning it? They know Israel is breaking international law. Is Israel bringing back the evil committed against them by the Nazis, in their actions against the Palestinians? We know these Israeli leaders do not want Peace, or else they wouldn’t be committing these terrible crimes. Is the plot to get to what lies beneath “Masjid Al-Aqsa”, not to find the remains of the temple? Is it to find the wooden box, to rebuild the temple underneath “Masjid Al-Aqsa”?


With it removed, he can deceive people and take the throne. Prince of Peace or Prince of Destruction? For the promised Dajjal/Messiah/Anti-Christ, they are spreading corruption and destruction, killing many innocent people. They want him to rule the Earth, and this is how they prepare.


What more can you expect from people who want to build a Museum over a Muslim cemetery. These people are not sensitive or compassionate. They don’t want the Palestinians to have cultural, religious, or even basic human rights. They don’t care about the families who have their ancestors buried there. Do these people have souls? Morality? Do they not realise that they will die one day and have to answer to “God”. Every day there is a new evil, just when you believe that they can stoop no lower.


They fight a disproportionate and meaningless war. Their crimes are committed in densely-populated areas. They are going far beyond striking the humanitarian centres. Now they stop food and water supplies. It is a one-sided war: barbarous, bestial, and fruitless. The cycles have to change. The innocent civilians no longer have salacious appetites. They are instead inflicted with wounds which will never heal. There has to be an escape. How much more will the innocent civilians have to bear before they explode from within.


Humanity is disappearing because of the so-called “profound country” and “big business” leaders. They have finally been bought. The UK leaders that gave the ‘Jews’ Israel and the Saudi leaders who said it’s okay, do they not have any remorse for their actions? Do they not feel they have any responsibility to ease the horror they caused? The civilians of Palestine never uttered a word. They never discriminated against the Jews when their land was given away. They had to face so much injustice. All of their friendliness, and now they are being repaid for the UK’s and the Saudis’ biggest mistake.


They want to turn a blind-eye, while fabricating an even worse situation. How can they sleep at night when the innocent civilians no longer have a bed or shelter? They lay awake, too scared to sleep, in case a bomb or rocket would drop on their loved-ones. I cannot even enjoy my food, and my ribs are still aching. Were these people created with hearts of stone? They behave worse than animals. I wish I could take all the Palestinian civilians under my wings and set them free from all the misery they have to see for no fault of their own. I want nothing more.


All the luxuries I possess are now so meaningless because they cannot attain the one thing I would like to purchase: Freedom for the innocent Palestinian Civilians. I feel guilty for being so blessed. I pray that God sets them free very soon from this massacre. I pray night and day to see them set free. I feel so helpless. But have one hope; my prayers are with you PALESTINE! I know this day has been written in the scriptures. I hope and pray the day of Victory comes to Palestine very, very soon. I promise from this day forward, I will never stop praying for you. I know God will answer my prayers. Ameen.


Not from a Muslim Activist, ranting on about religion or race, but from someone who actually cares about the humanity of the innocent. They cannot speak out. They are not allowed to be heard.

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Tayyib HMC FInder

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