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What should we read in the month of Ramadhân?

By Abû l-Ĥasan al-Ťâlib


Our respected teacher, Molânâ Dr Ábdur Razzâq Iskandar[1], often advises the graduates at the end of an academic year that “at various relevant times, read the related chapters from the books of Ĥadîth and books of Fiqh. In this way, your knowledge will remain fresh.”


The month of Ramadhân has started. In this month, the Noble Qur’ân, without doubt is an obligation[2]. Most of the time should be spent in reciting the book of Allâh and in understanding it. For an increase in encouragement and interest, reading the following selected books will be beneficial InshâAllâh:


  • From the books of Ĥadîth, ‘the chapter of fasting’ from either ‘Mishkât al-Maŝâbîĥ’ (A Niche for Lamps) or any other book that has a great compilation of Ĥadîth should be resorted to, such as ‘Jamï al-Usûl’
  • From the books of Fiqh, ‘the chapter on fasting’, Álâmah Kasâni’s ‘Badâi’ü-Ŝanâi’ï’ or Molânâ Zawwâr Hussain’s ‘Ümdat al-Fiqh’, or as a last resort, Mufti Ináâm al-Ĥaq’s ‘Roze ke masâil kâ encyclopedia’ (encyclopedia on the rulings of fasting) or any other such book.
  • For an insight into the wisdoms behind fasting and Tarâweeĥ, relevant chapters from Shâh Walîullah’s ‘Ĥujjatullâh al-Bâlighah’ (The Conclusive Argument from God).
  • To bring forth a ‘true taste’ of the Qur’ân, Molânâ Abû l-Ĥasan Alî Nadwî’s ‘Muťâlá-e-Qur’ân ke mabâdî uŝûl’.
  • In relation to Tasawwuf/Tazkiyah[3], ‘Dil kî dunyâ’ (The World Within) by Muftî Shafî’ï.


It’s natural to have differences in taste when selecting books. According to one’s taste, the capacity to make changes is extensive. The purpose of the above is just to give an idea or reflection.


[1] Principle and the Shaikh of Ĥadîth at Jamiáh ülûm-e-Islâmiyyah, Binori Town, Karachi.

[2] Not a Sharia obligation.

[3] Purification of the heart.


Translated by Muftî Sufyân Ibn Yákûb


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