Istinja – Part 1 Istibra

How to do Istinja

As Muslims it’s imperative that we stay pure at all times, Islam has given great emphasis on keeping clean and staying clean. Over the next couple of posts we will study and go over the method and the etiquettes of cleaning oneself after urinating and discharging feces from the body.


Ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) came upon two graves and said: “Their occupants are being punished, but not for a great sin (in their own view). However, it is in fact a great sin. One of them went about spreading slander. The other did not clean himself properly after urination.” (Bukhari and  Muslim).


After a man urinates its is compulsory (obligatory) for him to ensure that all the drops of urine have stopped coming out and he is content that there will be no more traces of urine following through once he starts to do Wudhu and prayers. It is not correct to start wudhu until the urine has fully ceased.


What is istibra?

Istibra is the act done before Istinja (cleaning oneself with water & tissue). It is the act to ensure that there are no traces of urine left in the body that will drop out.


A woman does not need to do istibra, after she has urinated, it is sufficient for her to wait for couple of minutes ensuring that the urine has stopped. She should move directly onto cleaning herself with water/tissue

Method of doing istibra

Everyone’s body is different, what may work for one may not work for someone else. Below are common mentioned methods to ensure that all traces of urine are ceased, before proceeding onto istinja, these may work for some and may not work for others, and hence it is important to find a method that works for you. The main point is to ensure that you are free from any traces of urine.

  1. Walking: After you have urinated, to ensure and satisfy yourself that there will be nothing else following through, you can walk for a while. It is best to place tissue around the penis when walking so if any drops do come out it will not go onto your clothes. The gesture of walking creates movement in the body, which will cause any traces of urine to come out. After walking you would return back to complete your istinja.
  2. Coughing: You can make yourself cough. The gesture of coughing applies pressure in the lower part of the body, which will force any traces of urine to come out.
  3. Leaning on one side: By leaning on to the left hand side and applying a slight pressure will also apply pressure in the lower abdominal which can cause any leftover urine to come out.
  4. Using Tissue: Tissue is a good absorber, you can apply tissue on the head of the penis for it to absorb urine. You can than apply some pressure and check again with the tissue to see if there is any traces.
  5. Apply Pressure Between the two legs: Some also apply slight pressure between the two legs (the part between the buttock and the testacies between the legs) which pushes any urine left inside out.
  1. Or any other method fitting suitable to one self.


At times you may feel a doubt (Waswasa) whether you are doing it correct or whether there is still traces of urine left or if the drops are still coming out.  Doubt is from shaytan, once you are satisfied and feel and see there is no traces than you should not pay attention to such doubts.  As at times due to ill thoughts from shaytan we start to exaggerate and take things to the extreme, which serves Shaytans purpose in planting such doubts.  So if you are satisfied, than you should continue with your istinjah and the rest of your wudhu.


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