For which supplications should the hands be raised ?


Can one raise the hands when reciting the supplications after eating food?



In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,


In principle there are two types of supplications:


1) Supplications for timely-needs, such as supplicating for the fulfilment of some personal task, for example supplicating to succeed in ones exams, to get married, to get a job etc., or the general supplications mentioned in the Qur’ân and Hadith, where specific times have not been stated for these supplications to be read. It is best to raise the hands for such supplications.


2) Supplications that the Hadith have stated specific times for them to be read in with specific wording, such as the supplication before eating, after eating, before sleeping etc. One should not raise the hands for such supplications.

In light of the above mentioned detail, one should not raise the hands whilst reciting the supplications after eating food. However, if one does raise the hands, then it will not be impermissible. Though, if one does it, assuming it to be necessary or assuming it to be proven from the Sunnah and/or looks down upon others who don’t, it would be classified as an innovation and impermissible.


And Allah, the Almighty knows best,

Mufti Sufyan Ibn Yakub Khapi,


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