Am I allowed to get a custom made prayer mat with my name on it?

custom made prayer mat


Am i allowed to get a custom made prayer mat with my name on it. Which i can use for my daily prayers?


There is nothing explicitly mentioned in Quran and Sunnah against getting a custom made prayer mat with your name on it. However, there are some questions which arise when getting such a mat made. Will the name be written in such a place where you will stand on? Will the name be written in Arabic/Urdu or English? If yes, then this could be considered against etiquette.


It should be borne in mind that etiquette is based on norm/customary practice. In our norm/customary practice it is seen as against etiquette to stand on anything with Arabic writing. With regards to standing on English letters, even though in our norm/customary practice it is not seen as against etiquette, however, the letters are spelling your name which is of Arabic origin. Furthermore, the English letters are also associated with knowledge; therefore we can say that it is against etiquette but of a lesser degree compared to the Arabic. And if your name is written on the mat in such a way that will not entail you to stand on the name, for example, it is written in the area where the head is placed whilst prostrating then it will not be classified as against etiquette. However, in this scenario the name could be a cause of distraction in Salaah, where sincerity and devotion in Salaah is of paramount importance.


Allah, the almighty mentions in the Quran:

“Woe unto worshippers who are heedless of their Salaah..”


One of the interpretations the Mufasireen of the Quran have given to those “who are heedless” is “those who are absentminded/inattentive (in Salaah).


Furthermore, in this scenario there is a slight notion or suspicion of polytheism (even though this may be far-fetched).


And if you are getting your name written on the mat just for recognition that it is your property, for instance it is printed on one of the sides of the mat or on the back of the mat then it will not be classified as against etiquette judging on our norm/customary practice. However, in this case it would be better to get your name written in English.


In conclusion, if you are really adamant to get a custom made mat with your name on it then it would be advisable to get your name written on one of the sides of the mat in English for recognition purposes only. In addition to the detail above,the ruling for getting a name printed like mentioned in the question, is based on intention. If the intention is vanity and stating of some aloof status for oneself, then this is not permitted.


And Allah, the Almighty knows best.


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