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Izaat Wala Quraan

A beautiful heart warming speech by By Shaykhul Hadeeth Hazrat Maulaana Bilaal DB (Bury) about how the Quran elevates individuals. Speech was given at the Darul Uloom Leicester’s Qiraat Jalsa 2013




In the name of Allah, the Most High, the Most Merciful


 Allah says in Quran that the Quran is honoured & so is Allah, who also gives honour to people. Sheikh says that a dishonoured speech comes from a dishonoured person. Good talk comes from good people, like how Allah says in Quran, “When the ignorant people converse with them (as in the pious ones), they (pious ones) say ‘peace’”. Allah says that if you want to be of the honoured ones, then bond with the Quran. Sheikh says that today, the non-muslims expect to gain honour by reaching high statuses in knowledgeable fields, or by being sportsmen etc, but if we Muslims expect the same, then Allah say`s no, the honour can only be gained from Quran.


In ‘the chapter of funerals’ in Saheeh Bukhari , there’s a Hadeeth narrated by Anas bin Malik:

A funeral procession passed and the people praised the deceased. The Prophet said, “It has been affirmed to him.” Then another funeral procession passed and the people spoke badly of the deceased. The Prophet said, “It has been affirmed to him”. ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab asked (Allah’s Apostle (p.b.u.h)), “What has been affirmed?” He replied, “You praised this, so Paradise has been affirmed to him; and you spoke badly of this, so Hell has been affirmed to him. You people are Allah’s witnesses on earth. Whoever you praise, Allah will enter him/her (praised one) in paradise, & whoever you criticise; Allah will enter him/her (criticised one) in hell”.


Sheikh says that the quran is so honoured, that before the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), he was known as Muhammad the son of Abdullah, but once the first five ayaats of the quran were revealed on the night of power, he gained the honourable title Muhammad the prophet of Allah.


Allah says to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) that the quran is an honour for you, your quraish tribe and your whole ummah. Sheikh says that if you create a bond between yourself & Quran, Allah will honour you in this world & hereafter.


Allah will say to a Hafiz (a person who has memorised the whole Quran) on the day of qiyaamah, “stop”.  The Hafiz will say my dad and mum are in jahannam because of me, why are you stopping me? Allah will say, “I’ve put quran in your heart. Quran is of honour, today you’ve become honourable. Your relatives are standing by the door of hell, go and grab the hands of ten dwellers of hell from them and bring them here and with my permission, take them to paradise with you”.


Although the Quran is definitely the honoured speech of Allah, Allah says that you all will be asked on the day of qiyaamah regarding how much value you gave to the quran. Shaikh says that today the reason why the illness in our hearts has increased is because we’re not referring to the Quran in our lives. One thing we should do is recite the Quran frequently. Another thing we should do to decrease the illness in our hearts is keep fasts. Thirdly, we should pray tahajjud (optional prayer at night) at night. Fourthly, at sehri time, make lots of dua. Lastly, stay in the company of pious.


People in the past would read Quran day and night. It’s our duty to create love for the Quran in us and in our hearts. We have to refer to it throughout our whole lives, no matter where we are and in what condition we are. Quran is a cure for diseases, illnesses and problems in our lives.


Shaikh makes duas at the end.

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