History of Al Aqsa Part 8 Prophet Zakariya to Isa


Welcome again to a series of talk on the virtues of Masjid Al-Aqsa.


Now as we mentioned after Sulayman had rebuilt Masjid Al-Aqsa the banu Israeel resided in and around Masjid Al-Aqsa for something like 200 years and then they had an internal conflict and they split up amongst themselves between 2 different tribes of the banu Israeel and then Jerusalem remained with a smaller Jewish tribe called the Judaea and they lasted for something like 300 years and this is very significant that the banu Israeel only controlled Jerusalem for something like 300 years over 3000 years ago and this historical link of the banu Israeel to Jerusalem and bait ul maqdis  is a very small period while we Muslims we have mentioned right from the beginning that the heritage of Muslims goes to Jerusalem and bait ul maqdis to the creation of mankind hismself Adam.


What happens in approximately 586 before the coming of Isa bukte Nezah who was a great Persian king also known as Nebuchadnezzar attacks Jerusalem and destroys Jerusalem and flattens the whole city including the masjid of Sulayman kills many people from the banu Israeel tribe and those he did not kill he takes them as prisoners so the whole area becomes desolate.


There’s a verse in the holy Quran in Surah Al-Baqarah which is thought to infer to this incident although no names are mentioned of the prophets that are involved neither the city but Ibn Katheer and many other scholars considers that what is referred to here is the incident regarding the destruction of Jerusalem and Masjid Al-Aqsa that was built by Sulayman by Nebuchadnezzar.


Which correlates historically to 586 we’ll just read the verse of the holy Quran it’s in Surah Al-Baqarah 2259 and those who wish to look up further on this I think it will be very beneficial and if you look at the tafseer of Ibn Katheer I think it will be very beneficial to all of us so the verse states “consider him by way of example who passed by a town that was fallen down upon its roof he exclaimed how will Allah restore life to this town that it is now dead” now this person as I said there’s a few names that have been mentioned that it might have been Uzair the Prophet Uzair some mention that it could have been prophet Armiah Allah knows best since name is not mentioned most scholors of tafseer consider he was a prophet of the banu Israeel and after the destruction of Jerusalem he returns back to Jerusalem and sees the destruction of the holy city and he pines to Allah that how will Allah restore this dead city again.


What happens then and the verse carries on “Allah then caused him to remain dead for a hundred years and then raised him to life and asked him how long did you remain dead he replies I remained so far a day or part of day Allah says no you have rather stayed dead for a hundred years look at your food and your drink there is no detereation in that and look at your ride which was his donkey and that had become bones and skeletons it was destroyed Allah then in front of his very eyes Allah brings back to life his ride his donkey and fleshes it clothes it with flesh and it becomes alive.


When this individual sees this he realises that Allah has power over everything and of course the illusion here is quite clear that initially when we started the verse he is pining at the destruction of the holy city and he is exclaiming to Allah that how will this city be raised again and in the end when he sees the power of Allah then there is sukoon (tranquillity) in him and he believes there’s tranquillity within his heart that Allah has the power to revive this city again.


As I mentioned to you that most of the scholar’s believe that the inference in here is directly to Jerusalem and the names of the prophet has not been mentioned but they are most likely the prophets of Banu Israeel and this occurred and most scholar’s also believe that this coincides with the year 586 before the coming Isa when the city of Jerusalem was completely destroyed to the ground by bukte Nezah and he had taken the Banu Israeel as prisoners those he didn’t kill and the city of Jerusalem and Sulayman (peace be upon him) Masjid was totally destroyed.


And of course we’ve heard and learnt from the past that Masjid Al-Aqsa had been destroyed many times after the building of Adam (peace be upon him) it became destroyed through time and through wear and tear and it was Ibrahim (paece be upon him) with his son Ishaaq (peace be upon him) who rebuilds it again later on through time it again gets destroyed it was Dawud (peace be upon him) who starts rebuilding the masjid which is then completed by Sulayman (peace be upon him) and then we hear again that through the wisdom of Allah in a way that bukte Nezah is sent to the banu Israeel for the destruction of them and the masjid as well and it is destroyed.


However Allah kept on sending Prophets to the Banu Israeel after many years when bukte Nezah dies some banu Israeel return back to Jerusalem others then disperse and in this blaze as Allah kept on sending prophets upon them to guide them on to the right path.


A time came when a lady by the name Hannah although again this name is not been mentioned this is mainly in history who takes a vow next to masjid Al-Aqsa and says that if Allah gives her a child she will put that child in the service of the house of masjid Al-Aqsa.


Now as we mentioned the actual masjid Al-Aqsa was destroyed but when the banu Israeel returned back the resurrected replica of what could’ve been Sulayman’s masjid and when Hannah then becomes pregnant the child is born and the child is of course a girl as we all know from history and versus of the holy Quran and she’s Maryam now since Maryam’s mother had taken a vow to put her to the service of the masjid she got concerned as to how she will take a girl towards the service as it was not allowed for a girl to serve the Masjid however she goes to the masjid and the imam (leader) of the masjid at the time was Zakariyyah (peace be upon him).


Zakariyyah (peace be upon him) also happens to be the uncle of Maryam so she Hannah Maryam’s mother places Maryam to the service of masjid Al-Aqsa they build her a niche a mihrab joining the masjid itself where she meditates and prays to Allah and it is this fact of Maryam’s direct relationship of masjis Al-Aqsa.


It’s very significant for us to understand that when we read incidences and the life story of all these great prophets including Maryam that they were serving masjid Al-Aqsa and ofcourse for a believer this should increase not only our faith and imaan but also our attachment to masjid Al-Aqsa.


This is not an insignificant place on earth this is a place where some of the greatest creation of mankind have not only visited it but actually resided within it. Allah’s prophets are the greatest of the creation Allah has ever made and of course Allah made it such that they become residents of masjid Al-Aqsa the miracles Allah provided to Maryam like the sustenance of fruit that were out of season so when Zakariyyah use to go and visit her he use to see all this miraculous events taking place to Maryam and he Remove “of course” asked Maryam how do you get this and the verse in Surah Aal-Imran is very telling and it states there upon your lord graciously accepted Maryam and vow shaved her a goodly growth and placed her the place of Zakariyyah whenever Zakariyyah visited her in her sanctuary he found her provided with food he asked her Maryam how did this come to you and she said it is from Allah. Allah provides sustenance to whom he wills beyond all reckoning.


Subhanallah this is such a blessed place that Allah has mentioned the blessedness of baitul maqdis and these events and incidences rebuilds that love in us and reconsolidates that fact that the greatness of the region of masjid Al-Aqsa and when Zakariyyah saw this he also prayed to Allah. On one occasion after visiting her he saw out pf season fruit in her room he himself turned to Allah and asked for a favour to have a son and the time he made this dua (supplication) to Allah history narrates that he was 90 years old and his wife was of similar age so despite both of them being old beyond the age of having the ability to bare children Allah accepts their dua not only accepts Zakariyyah dua but then also names the child that Zakariyyah was to have and he was to be named Yahya so in fact what we have here is that Allah naming the child of Zakariyyah.


This dua is accepted in the presence we assume most likely within the presence of masjid Al-Aqsa so the area of Al-aqsa sanctuary is where Allah’s mercy has descended and we hope that Allah accepts the supplication of his believers. It is hoped that if we enter with hope and faithfulness and sincerity and make duas Allah accepts it as he had accepted the duas of Zakariyyah through looking at the blessings bestowed upon Maryam and this is extremely important for us to understand the connection just to summarise the fact that the banu Israeel lasted for a very short period of time maximum of 336 years historians state in Jerusalam.


Thereafter Bukte Nezzah the persian king by the name of Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the city of Jerusalam including Sulayman’s masjid those he did not kill he took them away and after many years people returned back and built a remanence of what was Sulayman’s masjid on top of it and Allah then sends Maryam and Remove audio “sorry” Zakariyyah becomes the imam (leader) of masjid Aqsa and Maryam starts residing then and it is at this very place Maryam is then given the glad tidings, Allah send the angel Jibreel to Maryam informing her of the birth of the child without a father and of course that is Esa (peace be upon him)


Esa’s life also revolves in and around masjid Al-Aqsa and his prechings and his teachings are all in and around masjid Al-Aqsa and it’s very significant that there’s so many events that revolves around Esa and the holy Quran in many places, his incidences his life is mentioned so Esa grew there and he bagan to teach the people the commands of Allah trying to bring the banu Israeel back on to the path of Islam and the deen and the pure teachings of Allah it is in Jerusalem that he was finally in prison and as we muslims believe it was from Jerusalem that Allah had resurrected him so that he would come back once again.


So even the sights of Esa that so many sights that are important to us are in and around Jerusalem of course some of  sights have their with historical time they might have been given significance that are not really exist so we have to be slightly careful when we go there and so many sights have been pointed out to us but the very fact remains that the area is definitely connected to Esa without any shadow of doubt and therefore the connections of all this great prophets to Jerusalem makes it imperative for any believer that they have a great affinity connection and a love for masjid Al-Aqsa so we learn right from Adam (peace be upon him) till the great prophets Ibrahim and Ishaaq Yusuf and then we learnt about how Musa was also connected by taking the banu Israeel out of Egypt and taking them back in to Palestine and then Dawud and Sulayman and then we heard maybe Armi or Uzair as well are connected and hundreds of other Prophets that came to bani Israeel that are mentioned or not even mentioned in the Quran but just inferred to all came in and around Jerusalem and Maryam was also directly connected to Jerusalem and Zakariyyah and of course Esa as well so this great connection for us should rekindle the love for us towards masjid Al-Aqsa Inshallah (if Allah wills).

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