Love for Allah

Love of Allah

In the Name of Allah, the most high, the most merciful.


Moulana recites durood, & also verses 9 & 10 from Surah Shams (Sun): “In the name of Allah, Most High, and Most Merciful. Success is really attained by him who purifies it (the soul). And failure is really suffered by him who pollutes it (the soul). Allah the great has said the truth.”


In February, a common event, which is celebrated by Christians, is Valentine’s Day. In this month, people express their love to each other by giving their heart to each other, but not in a literal manner. They give each other ‘satin hearts’. But the one, who we all Muslims should give our heart to, is Allah. If we truly give our hearts & love to Allah, we will inshallah become the ‘friends of Allah’. An example given is that a man called Majnoon expressed his love to a woman called Layla. He knew what love was, but he didn’t have somebody to direct that love. And if had found someone to direct that love to Allah, he would have become a Waliyyullah.


We all know the role of our heart, which is to keep us alive, by pumping a gallon of blood around our body every 13 seconds. That’s the physical role of our heart. The more healthy our heart, the more healthy we are. But Allah has given the heart another role. That is to present our heart to Allah. The heart will definitely love something or someone. But we have to understand the true value of our hearts. It is the ‘Ahlullah’ who understand what the heart really is. They are also known as ‘Ahle Dil’ or ‘People of the Heart’, because they understand the purpose & role of the heart.


Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said, to the nearest effect, “There’s an organ in the body, which if it’s correct (in good state), his whole body is fine. But if it’s corrupt (in bad state), then the whole body is corrupt. That organ is the heart”. The heart sends messages to different parts of body. If it sends righteous & good messages, the result & actions carried out will be righteous, & vice versa. When the heart & actions become sinful, then differentiation between right & wrong, & good & bad, become harder for the sinner. Natural things will appear as unnatural, & vice versa. When Muslims start regarding haram things to be halal, destruction & punishment will fall on such people.


It’s our duty to come to gatherings like Islaahi Majlis, to stop doing sins & reform our hearts & sinful lives. We should stay with the pious frequently, not only once. When the heart is spiritually cleaned, it’s then worthy of being loved by Allah. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) states, to the nearest effect, “Allah doesn’t look at a person’s body shape, or appearance, but He looks at the character & spiritual state of the heart”. The whole world can love a certain individual, but the love of all the people is not worth anything in comparison to the love that Allah is giving another individual, who no one even knows. As Muslims, we should attach our heart to Allah. Inshallah, we will get abundant reward in the Aakhirah. Let’s ask ourselves, do we love Allah as well as the others around us?

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