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Hifazat E Nazar Par Qurb Ilahi Kee Mithas Ka Inam by By Shaikhul Hadeeth Hazrat Maulana Mohammed Ayyub Surti DB  (Leicester)



In a Hadeeth it has been related that if a person turns his gaze away from a beautiful woman he is granted the sweetness of imaan.


This sweetness of imaan and closeness to Allah is only granted when he has turned his heart away from this woman. To refrain from this sin he should ask for forgiveness from Allah (Istighfaar) or engage himself in the remembrance of Allah (Zikr). The cure for every sadness is to engross yourself in Allah.


A child’s sole is like a plain paper, all that is written on it once is strong and will never wear of. Those parents that teach their children about Islam in their childhood will always understand Islam and will have Islaam in their hearts. Those parents that do not teach their children in their childhood they will not understand the rights of Allah and will not recognise the rights of his parents.


There was a man that deprived his child from Islam and spent all his money on secular education. When he was in trouble he came to a learned scholar and asked him to talk to the child as he had no manners for the father. The scholar replied you didn’t teach him about Islam and now you want him to be good.


Only religious/pious children will be helpful and recognise the rights of their parents. Nowadays most children are deprived of their religion and all attention is on secular education. Parents first make their children all worldly and make them have worry for the world and then they also want them to be obedient to them. All parents should try and give their children knowledge of Islaam from a young age and always remind them of our deen.


To gain the full benefit of Islaam one should try and stay in the company of a pious person. The more you stay in their company the more you become a better Muslim.


Moving on a person saw in a dream that he had entered jannah and three men had been entered in to hell. This man was dressed in western clothing. When he was given the interpretation he was told this means do good deeds that will take you towards jannah and stay away from those deeds that take you to hell.


A person does not get granted jannah from dreams but from their deeds. Stay in company of those who will make you do well and lead you to the right path.


This person also said he had a dream that he was praying Quraan, the reply he got was you do not get Jannah by dreaming that you were praying Quraan but you need to pray it in reality. He also said that night he was praying tahajjud (early morning prayer), he was told by seeing all this in a dream will not grant you jannah it has to be done in your daily life.  For example if you see a dream that you were eating food and when you wake up and do not eat would you get food? Would you be fed?  The  interpretation of the dream was learn the deen and practice upon it to benefit fully and if you do not act upon the deen then the three men you saw going to hell will take you in there too. Will you be granted Jannah by walking on the path of the prophet or by following the worldly affairs? That man replied by following the path of the prophet. He was told you are making your own choice. Therefore follow the path of the prophet. Slowly leave the worldly affairs and slowly choose the path of the prophet. Keep a beard, wear Islamic clothing and make dua to Allah that whatever is beloved to him make you act upon those deeds. The things you dislike make me leave those deeds. Ask from Allah, dreams won’t give you anything.


If a non-religious person was to give the meaning for this dream he would say you are granted jannah. In reality this dream means to choose the right path and to choose the path that would lead you to Jannah.


From this we learn that a dream cannot do anything it is the deeds one does himself that will lead him to the right path. Therefore having a bad dream or a good dream will not change reality. It’s about the deeds you do and how much you put in to practice and how you refrain from evil.


Your deeds make your life, good deeds will take you to jannah and evil will take you to hell. Whatever deeds you do that will be the outcome. Therefore you shouldn’t get scared when you have bad dreams.


If you see a bad dream seek refuge from Allah “aaoozu billah” and blow three times and turn over and do not report it to anybody and you will not be harmed.


Do not get too happy on a good dream but increase your good deeds and do muhaasibah (reflect) on your own character. This way we will become better people.

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