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  • Surah Thareem
    Surah Thareem
    Mamar relates that Zuhri relates that Abdullah bin Abdullah bin Abi Thawr said:   I heard Ibn Abbaas saying   "I rem...
  • Praying at the grave
    When burying the deceased...
    QUESTION: Is it proven in hadith that when you are burying the deceased that you pray Quran at the head and feet or do you do dua strai...
  • Hajj
    The significance of hajj • It’s the 5th pillar of Islam. It’s a command, for those who can afford the expenses. • It’s the sunnah-prophet ...
  • zakaat
    Overview of Zakat
    Zakat is a monetary worship that is incumbent on those possessing a certain amount of wealth. Giving Zakat is considered as a great act of worship in ...