The beloved of Allah – Introduction To Seerah

Introduction to Seerah

Has there ever been an individual as well-respected, loved and followed as Muhammad (peace be upon him)?


There has never been a person who has changed the world history as dramatically as Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the most important person in the history of the world.


To learn about the life of our beloved prophet (Peace be upon him) and his ways is of utmost importance. Ibn Khaldun states “whoever embarks on the study of history, they will end up in a beneficial imitation of the mindset of previous peoples in the subjects of religion and worldly matters”.


If we study the life of the greatest person to ever come onto the face of this earth then we can try to mirror our lives according to his ways and through this we can gain the pleasure of Allah.


Many prophets came to this world before Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). The mission of the prophets was to tell their people about Allah and invite them to live their lives according to Allah’s command. This helped them to be good and generous people who looked after and cared for each other. The good people would be rewarded with heaven and the people that rebelled and refused the prophet would be punished with hellfire.


The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was the last messenger chosen by Allah. The prophet (Peace be upon him) was sent to this world to guide the people and to call them to the correct way of Islaam.


If we choose to follow the way shown to us by our beloved prophet (Peace be upon him) then it will lead us to success in this world and also in the next.


It is very important that as Muslims we learn about our rich history and take lessons from the pious people that have passed before us and implement it in our lives.


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